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Short Poem – To Write

I was visiting a blog and my eyes fell upon an article that inspired me to write and leave the following scribbling as a comment. Basically, I was just having fun with it.

To Write
Written by: Ben Marroquin

Yes, to write.
To find the words that breathe life,
that sculpt the shapes of the imaginings
buzzing round my brain.

To be dream stung,
injected by its inspirational toxin
and have it quickly fade
before my keyboard can fully capture its sweet prose.

I lament for what is lost
before it could be fully given life… a shame.


Me, Myself, and Eye

I went to the movies the other day
Just me, myself, and eye.
Me thought it was good
Myself didn’t get it
Eye just sat there and cried.

~ By Ben Marroquin