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The Feast – A micro fiction piece (aka a very short story).

I’ve started a new category on my blog titled: – Micro Fiction. In honor of the new category I wrote a new piece called The Feast. I hope you enjoy it.

The Feast
Written by Ben Marroquin

He lived in a stone mansion. His room on the third floor of the right wing. At night, before bed, he liked to go out on the balcony and look into the old forest. Under the gaze of the new moon it looked blue, magical.

The wind swept up to him from that forest carrying the hint of music and more.

Eyes lit up as a strange intoxicating scent entered him. Hair and skin changed to feathers, mouth to beak, and feet to talons. He spread his powerful wings and gazed in marvel, magical.

He pumped them up and down and hovered over the balcony. His eyes caught sight of other winged shapes, dancing in mid-air, on the edge of the old forest.

Eyes looked on as he laughed the mad joyous laugh of those in a world all their own. He shot out over the balcony towards the old forest. A loud crisp CRACK pierced the beauty of the night as head met concrete, magical (they grinned).

The winged shapes took form as they flocked forth from the edge of the old forest. Their eyes like beads, skin of moss covered bark, evergreen wings, and pot bellied tummies.

Knife-like claws sprouting from branching arms, filled the night wind with rhythmic clacking. Thin limbed legs with root like feet, dangled as they laughed.

They began to sing:

“Ooh it’s so deliciously sweet.
A pot bellied treat!
We’ll eat it up, eat it up.
From its head to its feet.”

They danced circles round the corpse sprawled on the ground and chattered excitedly through rows of splintered teeth. Slowly they descended; bodies trembling and claws clacking in glee as the eldest among them sang out “Let the new moon feast begin.”


Short Story – Night Falls is Officially Entry #23 in the Clarity of Night writing contest.

Short Story – Night Falls is Officially Entry #23 in the Clarity of Night writing contest.
Written by Ben Marroquin

It’s official! My short story (Night Falls) is entry #23 in Clarity of Night’s short story writing contest… and the competition in stiff. Please take a moment of your time and read Night Falls at:

If you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it, then please let be known by writing a simple comment. It would be much appreciated. Well, I’m off to look for another picture to inspire my next short story. I wish you well in your endeavors.

Night Falls

The following is a short story I wrote for a fun writing contest taking place over at: If your into writing, you should give it try. They provide a photo and writers create a 250 word story for it. This story is based on a cool photo of a cloud shrouded moon. Anyways, hope you enjoy it.

Night Falls
Written by: Ben Marroquin

They came in the night, unseen. Eyes of onyx, skin of shadowy leather, needle sharp teeth, and ravenous appetites for the careless.

It was our mother who spotted them first, through the bay window overlooking the garden. She gasped as cloud filtered moonlight betrayed them, revealed them flitting about outside our home.

She gathered my sisters and I in the living room by the burning fireplace. We huddled under a soft quilt, secure in her comforting embrace. We shuddered as claws raked against the walls and windows outside, but still they did not come in.

They pressed their ghastly faces against the windows and began to lick it with long jaundiced tongues as their eyes fell upon the mass of entwined flesh that was my family.

Goosebumps crawled on my flesh as they began their sick raspy chant: “Night falls, blood calls. We taste it on our lips. Its salty tang so liquid slick, come fill our empty pits.”

On and on they chanted, their bodies flailing about in dance and their voices raising in pitch, filling our very souls with their macabre chorus. Immense waves of rolling fear pounded into our hearts. We clasped one another, battling the mountainous urge to flee the safety of our home.

Then it happened, the full moon broke free from the clouds to shine brightly down on our house. It’s unfiltered beams burning into the flesh of the hideous creatures outside, making them run in pain, back to wherever they came from.