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Finished: Crossings – A Fantasy Flash Fiction Story

The following piece of fantasy flash fiction was inspired by this picture. I think the picture will give you a glimpse into the direction the story will go in. Hope you enjoy it.

Written by: Ben Marroquin

The blare of music drowned her voice in an ocean of sound. She had told them explicitly that she had to be home by midnight! “Don’t worry Sabrina,” her friends had said. “You will be.”

And she would have been, if Kevin and the boys hadn’t shown up at the eleventh hour. With the way Lisa was crushing on him, she knew there was only one way she’d get home on time; she had to walk.

Home was only a half mile away, through the good part of town. That was one of the major reasons her mom had caved in, despite it being a school night. Still though, she had made a valid point, that even though she was a senior in high school, she was 18. But she made a promise to be home by midnight and didn’t want to break it again.

So Sabrina gestured to her watch and waved bye to her friends.

She headed out the club’s doors. A cold brisk wind on moonless night greeted her. The streets were peppered with other young strangers enjoying themselves. That wasn’t surprising considering the number of clubs, pool halls, and cafes that lined this section of town.

She made her way towards Paradise Park cursing herself for not bringing a jacket. Her simple but lovely white spring dress flowed on the soft winds, giving her an ethereal appearance from a distance.

The park was green with the coming of spring; old trees rustled in joy, asphalt paths led to beauty, and wooden benches beckoned passersby to sit and savor life. But the only thing that interested her right now was the 10 minutes of walking time, cutting through the park, would offer her.

She stopped at the crosswalk, noticing something she’d never seen before on the other side of the street leading into the park. A beautiful pewter hued lantern pole stood tall with a softly lit moon globe on top, shimmering with dancing and twirling flecks of silver; it reminded her of a wintry snow globe.

She crossed the street and entered the park, fighting the temptation to touch the light. She followed a softly lit asphalt path to the center of the park where the beautiful fountain’s water music greeted her. The stone fountain was the perfect picture of a mystical waterfall watching over an old hidden forest. The tiny makeshift forest was even adorned with fantastical creatures, some even had colorful butterfly wings.

She imagined herself in that little world; a calliope of musical melodies lacing night winds, dreamlike creatures dancing and fluttering about, and the splashing of water welcoming her in.

Sabrina stood there a moment and sighed. It was then that she noticed a truly odd occurrence; her shadow was shifting on the ground. Startled, she looked left to right and froze at the sight. For behind her, floating off the ground, was the beautiful moon globe, shimmering with the dancing and twirling flecks of silver.

She gasped in amazement as the moon globe moved towards her, down to her feet. It then swam up around her, leaving a trail of glimmering flecks of silver suspended on air, till it came to rest above her head.

The silver flecks began to weave round her; round and round they went, forming a magical vortex. It looked like an upside down tornado and she was a captive within it’s cone. It was then that she heard it, the musical calliope of melodies and the splashing of water welcoming her in as the flecks of silver carried her up and away.

Two weeks had passed by when they saw her once again, though they didn’t know it. They were sitting on the edge of the fountain on a cool spring day, eyes sweeping over the little forest and it’s residents, then finally resting on splashing waterfall. Lisa, Abagail, and Wendy lamenting the loss of their dear friend.

“Sabrina, where are you?” Lisa uttered through trembling lips, fighting for control over her emotions. Burdened with guilt, she wiped the tears from her cheeks before getting up; then walked away with her friends.

“I’m right here!” Sabrina shouted out from up in a little tree.

“Hey, your suppose to stay hidden until I find you,” Avery Faun said. “I thought you said you knew how to play this game.”

“I’m sorry. I thought I heard you asking me where I was,” she said a bit confused. Then a big smile spread cross her face as she walked up to Avery and touched him. “Tag, you’re it!” She laughed as she ran away.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Avery said joyfully and started the chase.