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Darkness – Flash Fiction Horror Story

Written by: Ben Marroquin

He pressed his feverish forehead against the window, taking in the coolness of the glass. His breath seemed to frost it as he watched the innocent people shuffling about below, oblivious to the darkness coming; darkness born not of the night, but of his folly.

He pulled the mini recorder out of his oversized coat pocket and hit the record button. “It‘s Thursday, February 28, 2041. I‘m Senior Scientist Angel Macklin and if you’re listening to this, then I’m already dead… or worse.” His eyes glazed with a far away look, recalling the horrible events that had transpired.

Trembling, he continued his dictation, “Experiment Polugen 117 wasn’t the success we thought it was 5 years ago. The anti-pollution organism, used in just about every water and air purifiers round the world, has done the unthinkable. It has mutated into a transmutation virus we have classified as codename: Transmugen.”

“We discovered the life altering mutation, less than 74 hours ago, when Assistant Scientists Jessica Gomez and Kevin Taggart displayed flu like symptoms, ending in a feverish transitional period. In less than 18 hours they entered a coma like state and then the genetic mutations began… the poor souls.” Tears ran down his cheeks unfettered.

“Skin darkened and thickened, limbs lengthened into beastly appendages ending in claws, eyes became like pools of oil, and teeth fell out, replaced by needle fangs… Gomez even grew misshapen wings. They broke free of their containment rooms and chaos ensued. They ripped through skin like wet paper with their claws. Blood pooled as they feasted on flesh, killing some, mutilating others, and infecting over half that lived.” He said as he absently rubbed his bandaged left arm.

He made his way round the coffee table, onto the couch as his eyelids began to droop. “From what we have gathered, approximately 40% of those infected will mutate, 20% will die, and the rest will survive to face a world of flesh eating beasts, a world of gnashing darkness. The virus has even spread to the lab animals. It will infect… maybe even destroy the food chain. Dear God, what have I done? I have killed life on earth as we know it…” Sobs wracked his body as the guilt of his actions consumed him.

“Please, if you are listening to this recording, you must know that it was not my intentions to destroy our world… there is hope… or at least a sliver of hope; some of those infected have kept their humanity intact, have even shown evolutionary abilities. I witnessed three of them… three altered humans use these special abilities to fight back and allow us to escape the secret compound. One moved objects with his mind with deadly precision, another sparked fires with her bare hands, and one was able to control one of the beasts to aid us.”

Tainted blood began to flow from gums as his body sought to drag his consciousness into the dark. “Not much time left… the darkness is coming, bringing change. If you get this, make sure it gets into the right hands. It’s coming, they‘re coming. Prepare or die… I fear the worst… but hope for…”

He used the last of his remaining consciousness and strength to place the recording in a large manila envelope simply labeled: Police. His head then hit the arm of the couch as he entered the arms of fathomless darkness.

It was 2:38 a.m. in New Jersey when the sounds of shattering glass filled the night. The broken window showered down shards onto the nearly empty street below. A huge dark winged beast jumped out into the brisk night air and took flight as witnesses ran for cover. Powerful wings pumped as oily eyes searched the landscape below.

It spotted three red glowing forms in an alley, huddled round a fire burning in a round metal garbage can. Screams filled the night as the beast satiated its hunger… Screams that signaled the beginning of a war for all mankind and life on earth. A true World War against a devouring Darkness.


Road Rage – A Horror Flash Fiction Story

Just a little fun piece of horror flash fiction. It takes place in the world of seraph hunters, but is an independent story with no characters from the book I’m working on. Hope you enjoy it.

Road Rage
Written by: Ben Marroquin

He was jogging under the new moon in the park when it happened; a crazed animal, all fur and fangs, tore into his leg, causing him to scream for help. The sounds of sirens filled the night as darkness claimed him. The last thing he saw that night was the beast running off into the darkness on all fours.

The sound of beeps woke Nathan Mace. Stark white walls and medical machines greeted his sleep hazed eyes. He lifted his arms and saw the IV tubes pierced into his veins, feeding his body much needed liquids. The cloud of confusion lifted from his mind as he realized that he was in a hospital.

His hands clenched the railings of his bed, his pulse began to race as flashes of the vicious attack assaulted him. He saw the savage beast, with red gleaming eyes, open its fang filled jaw. It sprang at him and tore into his leg: “AARRRGGGGHHH!!!!”

Sounds of footsteps filled the hallway beyond his closed door. Light flooded in as the door flew open. “Mr. Mace…” said the nurse, staring at his sweaty face, “are you okay?”

“I’m… okay. Just a bad dream. Felt real… where am I? How long have I been here?” Nathan asked.

“I understand Mr. Mace. I’d have nightmares too if I was mauled. Your at St. Vincent’s Hospital. You’ve been out for the past two days. You lost a lot of blood and have had a very high fever. You had us all worried. I’m glad you pulled through.”

“The beast… animal that attacked me, did they get it?” he asked.

“No. They think you were attacked by some kind of large wolf. At least, that‘s what they got from the tracks. You should get some rest. We‘ll run some more tests in the morning, okay.”

With that, she left the room, leaving Nathan alone as he drifted off into a stark forest of dreams.

The days went by rather quickly for Nathan as he found himself getting ready to sleep in his own bed. His leg was healing quite fast, very little pain remained and the scars were diminishing every day. Soon, there would be no sign that he had ever been attacked. In fact, the only real reminders were the constant stream of strange dreams he’d been having, night after night.

Dreams of hunting in forests, stalking prey, tasting the slick tang of blood and flesh in his jaws.

It was Monday evening when Nathan found himself rushing home after a busy work day. The sun had already set and the highway was filled with a sea of commuters. He was looking at the beauty of the moon when he noticed that his turnoff was nearly upon him. He clicked his signal and changed lanes, cutting right in front of an old 4×4 truck.

The man in the truck flashed his highlights into Nathan’s rearview mirror and blared his horn as he followed him onto the turnoff. Nathan looked anxiously into the mirror as the light at the intersection turned red, forcing him to stop. He could hear the man and his buddy cussing up a storm as they exited from their truck, slamming their doors closed.

Nathan locked his doors, praying for the light to change color, when the man’s face appeared in his window. “Open up you bastard! You trying to kill us you prick. Get out of the car…”

“Sorry, didn’t see you there. It was just a mistake…” Nathan said through his cracked open window.

“Sorry? You almost kill us and your sorry. I’ll show you sorry…” he said as he smashed his fist through the window, slamming Nathan in the jaw as the man’s friend egged him on.

Nathan felt dazed; then the blood began to surge through his veins as adrenaline flooded his body. The man laughed as he swung his fist through the broken window, landing another blow across Nathan’s temple. Nathan’s eyes closed, as a part of him fell into a dark pit of unconsciousness.

Within his mind came the howling as his eyes snapped open with rage. He could hear the man laughing as his friend told him to knock his head off. The man hooted with pleasure as he swung his fist through the broken window again.

Nathan moved his head back. The man’s fist went right past his face, grazing his nose. He grabbed the man’s wrist with his right hand, just as he was pulling it out the window. “My turn!” Nathan growled to the surprised man.

He pulled the man’s arm towards the passenger seat, with all his might, slamming the man’s head into the top of his car’s door frame. A loud ‘CRACK’ pierced the air as the man groaned in pain. Nathan then grabbed the man by the throat and pulled him halfway into the car through the broken window.

He smiled as the man’s eyes widened with fear at the sight of his face. He pulled the man’s head back by the hair with his right hand and held him study by the chest with his left hand, exposing his throat. Nathan then opened his mouth, unnaturally wide, as the man’s friend stared in horror through the passenger window.

Blood splashed onto the windows and seats as Nathan’s teeth ripped into the man’s throat. He chewed the flesh and swallowed it down as the man’s friend ran away into the streets screaming. There came the sounds of screeching brakes and a loud ‘THUNK’ as the friends body splattered onto the ground. The semi was just too big to stop in time.

Nathan tossed the body out of his window. He watched the head roll down the turnoff, into the gutter through his blood stained rearview mirror. He turned on the radio, drowning out shouts and screams from the commuters behind, and drove off into the night, heading for the moon as his car speakers blared out; “I see the bad moon rising.”

Easy Pickings – A Horror Flash Fiction Story

The following piece of horror flash fiction is based upon a character of a novel I’m currently working on; Seraph Hunters. It mixes the horror genre with the comic book genre. I hope you enjoy it.

Easy Pickings
Written by: Ben Marroquin

She grabbed her forest green trench coat and headed out the cabin door. The wind blew her mahogany hair across her evergreen eyes. It was 11:00 at night, time for the midnight hike up Silver Peak. They assigned 12 excited girls to her group, placing them under her care.

She smiled as she recalled taking a similar trip when she was in 6th grade. But that was a different lifetime ago, when her parents were alive.

“Yes! I was hoping you’d be our guide Bree. You’re the best,” Layla said with a smile as the other girls chattered their agreements.

Yes, Bree was one of the more popular counselors, she seemed to know everything about the forest and wonderful things always seemed to occur around her. Like the time a doe walked right up to her in the middle of one of her lectures about forest plants and let the girls pet it or when a group of strange looking butterflies danced around her.

She smiled as she led them up the trail.

He smiled to himself as he trailed them up the mountain. He loved camps, it was simply delicious. Such young tender meat he thought to himself, eyeing the girls hiking up the path. He could hardly wait till they reached the top with no chance of escape, such a feast he would have then, such easy pickings.

It came to her on butterfly wings, gently landing on her shoulder, whispering in her ear. She turned and whispered in the ear of one of the children and then headed into the woods. It was then he noticed that the younglings had turned around and headed back towards camp, without their counselor. His chest reverberated with a low growl.

He smelled her before he saw her in the small clearing up ahead. She stood tall, no trace of fear as she watched his massive body approach. His eyes raged, his claws clacked, and he flexed his massive muscles; easy pickings he thought to himself.

Bree watched the massive werebear enter the clearing and her eyes lit up with emerald flecks as it sized her up. She knew she had no chance against such strength one on one, but as a druic fae, she was never alone in the forest.

She flung her coat on the ground as the beast charged; her back convulsed in pain and her skin thickened as bark as six evergreen snake like creatures exploded from her back and hung in the air around her.

Two of the snake vines grabbed the branches above, pulling her up while the other four vine snakes opened their jaws and spewed forth globs of thick amber sap. He bellowed in rage as the globs of amber sap struck his arms, chest, and legs causing him to crash to the ground. It was then that it registered that he was no longer hunting a simple fleshing human.

His body rippled, his bones popped and contorted, and he bellowed in pain as his mass continued to grow into a huge lumbering form; a dire grizzly. He was a true lycan, able to change from human to werebear to dire grizzly, each form more powerful than the one before it.

Bree gasped as the truck sized grizzly reared up on its back legs and push against the tree with its massive front paws. Its claws tearing bark and tree flesh with each push. Anger flooded her veins as she felt the tree’s cry of pain. Her palms slit open as seeds filled them and she released them to fall on the ground.

They dug into the dirt around the huge rampaging beast as the snake vines grabbed a nearby tree, and began to pull her across as the tree she was on came crashing down. The dire grizzly raised up on its hind legs, swatting a huge clawed paw at her.

It struck her with tremendous force across her right shoulder, spraying evergreen blood on the ground as his claws ripped her flesh, sending her flying across the clearing with such force that it snapped one of the heads of the snake vines holding onto the nearby tree.

It was the other vine snakes that saved her from crashing into the trunk of a large redwood. They grabbed hold and pulled her up as the beast charged across in anticipation of the kill.

Her blood poured freely from her wound, then thickened into an amber hue and began closing as the beast began to rip at her new sanctuary, trying to tear it down. Her eyes lit the night with green as she point her hands, palms open, at the werebeast; slits ripped the flesh of her palms and dark ironwood thorns shot forth into the beast causing him to bellow in pain and rage.

He stumbled backwards from the thorny onslaught, waiting for it to abate. That’s when they sprung up from the ground, from where the seeds had fallen. Dozens of strange and unique dog sized forest creatures pulled themselves up from the dirt; some were like cats with razor thorn claws, some were like primates with gnashing thorn teeth, some were half snake and half beast, and some looked like flying snap dragons.

They took in their surroundings, and it didn’t take long for them to locate the threat and attack.

The dire weregrizzly bellowed in pain as the first wave of plant creatures bit and raked into his hind flesh. His eyes widened in shock as he turned his massive head and viewed the new threat. He swatted them with massive clawed paws and gnashed his massive jaws, but he was badly outnumbered. He roared in rage as his body once again began to be covered by sticky globs of amber sap and ironwood thorns pierced his flesh.

There was no escape, he was easy pickings.

Finished: Crossings – A Fantasy Flash Fiction Story

The following piece of fantasy flash fiction was inspired by this picture. I think the picture will give you a glimpse into the direction the story will go in. Hope you enjoy it.

Written by: Ben Marroquin

The blare of music drowned her voice in an ocean of sound. She had told them explicitly that she had to be home by midnight! “Don’t worry Sabrina,” her friends had said. “You will be.”

And she would have been, if Kevin and the boys hadn’t shown up at the eleventh hour. With the way Lisa was crushing on him, she knew there was only one way she’d get home on time; she had to walk.

Home was only a half mile away, through the good part of town. That was one of the major reasons her mom had caved in, despite it being a school night. Still though, she had made a valid point, that even though she was a senior in high school, she was 18. But she made a promise to be home by midnight and didn’t want to break it again.

So Sabrina gestured to her watch and waved bye to her friends.

She headed out the club’s doors. A cold brisk wind on moonless night greeted her. The streets were peppered with other young strangers enjoying themselves. That wasn’t surprising considering the number of clubs, pool halls, and cafes that lined this section of town.

She made her way towards Paradise Park cursing herself for not bringing a jacket. Her simple but lovely white spring dress flowed on the soft winds, giving her an ethereal appearance from a distance.

The park was green with the coming of spring; old trees rustled in joy, asphalt paths led to beauty, and wooden benches beckoned passersby to sit and savor life. But the only thing that interested her right now was the 10 minutes of walking time, cutting through the park, would offer her.

She stopped at the crosswalk, noticing something she’d never seen before on the other side of the street leading into the park. A beautiful pewter hued lantern pole stood tall with a softly lit moon globe on top, shimmering with dancing and twirling flecks of silver; it reminded her of a wintry snow globe.

She crossed the street and entered the park, fighting the temptation to touch the light. She followed a softly lit asphalt path to the center of the park where the beautiful fountain’s water music greeted her. The stone fountain was the perfect picture of a mystical waterfall watching over an old hidden forest. The tiny makeshift forest was even adorned with fantastical creatures, some even had colorful butterfly wings.

She imagined herself in that little world; a calliope of musical melodies lacing night winds, dreamlike creatures dancing and fluttering about, and the splashing of water welcoming her in.

Sabrina stood there a moment and sighed. It was then that she noticed a truly odd occurrence; her shadow was shifting on the ground. Startled, she looked left to right and froze at the sight. For behind her, floating off the ground, was the beautiful moon globe, shimmering with the dancing and twirling flecks of silver.

She gasped in amazement as the moon globe moved towards her, down to her feet. It then swam up around her, leaving a trail of glimmering flecks of silver suspended on air, till it came to rest above her head.

The silver flecks began to weave round her; round and round they went, forming a magical vortex. It looked like an upside down tornado and she was a captive within it’s cone. It was then that she heard it, the musical calliope of melodies and the splashing of water welcoming her in as the flecks of silver carried her up and away.

Two weeks had passed by when they saw her once again, though they didn’t know it. They were sitting on the edge of the fountain on a cool spring day, eyes sweeping over the little forest and it’s residents, then finally resting on splashing waterfall. Lisa, Abagail, and Wendy lamenting the loss of their dear friend.

“Sabrina, where are you?” Lisa uttered through trembling lips, fighting for control over her emotions. Burdened with guilt, she wiped the tears from her cheeks before getting up; then walked away with her friends.

“I’m right here!” Sabrina shouted out from up in a little tree.

“Hey, your suppose to stay hidden until I find you,” Avery Faun said. “I thought you said you knew how to play this game.”

“I’m sorry. I thought I heard you asking me where I was,” she said a bit confused. Then a big smile spread cross her face as she walked up to Avery and touched him. “Tag, you’re it!” She laughed as she ran away.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Avery said joyfully and started the chase.

SandDream Magicks

The following piece of horror flash fiction was inspired by this picture. I used some elements found in some popular urban legends. Hope you enjoy it.

SandDream Magicks
Written by: Ben Marroquin

She hated her brother. She tired of his schemes. Always teasing her, pinching her, making her scream. I’ll show him she thought, “tonight, big brother will pay.”

Into her bedroom, she lit candles by three’s, turned off the lights and then calmly breathed. She unzipped her Kim Possible backpack (cheery and fun). Then pulled out a dark musty book titled The Sands of Bad Dreams. She had purchased it from a strange old shop she’d never seen before. It was the sign that called her in:

SandDream Magicks – Make Your Heart’s Dreams Come True.

She found what she was looking for on page 353. She whispered the words in a soft flowing chant: “Come to me sister sand, hear my heart’s dream. Let him taste what he‘s given, multiply it by three. Capture and wrap him, in sand dreams so dark. Teach him the lessons, which comes from my heart. With your name I invoke thee and so set you free.”

“Sandriel,” she breathed.

Tensely she waited for a sign it had worked, but nothing occurred. She closed the thick book and shoved it back in her pack. I should have known it was all just a scam.

But outside her brother’s slightly open window the breeze picked up. Gusts of wind began to swirl, creating a growing dust devil. Within, a figure began to take form. And then the wind died, but the dust did not fall. No, it was pulled to the center, became part of that living sand dream.

It drifted over to the window and sifted within, reformed. It stood over his bed, watching him sleep. Then she reached over, stroking his cheek. Something felt weird, something felt wrong, and he woke with a start. Brown eyes bulged as he took in the sight. Up from above him was a mutated human type thing.

“What in the heck?” he gasped, staring at it from its head to her feet. She had three misshapen faces staring down on him through four terra cotta eyes. And she appeared to be made entirely of shifting sand. He open his mouth and screamed, but she stifled his cry as her sandy fingers pressed closed his lips. The only one to hear him, was sister Jenny.

She opened his door and froze from the sight.

“Ssshhhh,” Sandriel whispered to the terrified boy. “Not yet. I’m the keeper of sleepers and maker of dreams. I’ve been sent to collect you, so there’s no need to scream.”

And with that, one of her faces winked to his sister, with a soft smile on her third pair of lips. Then bent over and kissed him and swallowed him whole. With her job done, she exploded into a dust devil storm. She sifted out the window with her brother in tow, and took him to her dream world leaving Jenny alone.

To Hunt the Hunters

I would classify the following piece as a cross between horror flash fiction and superhero flash fiction. The characters were taken from the book I’m currently working on: Seraph Hunters. I hope you enjoy it.

To Hunt the Hunters
Written by: Ben Marroquin

Blurry eyes opened, my head throbbed in pain. What in the blazes? I feel like I’ve been hit by a… “no,” I whispered as my eyes fell on her fallen form. Spitfire was down. And Hellbeast raged against the pack.

It was then that the memories came back.

Werewolf activity had become extreme the past couple of nights, innocent blood stained the streets. It could only mean one thing, a new pack had made our city their home.

We had to act quickly, before the spread of the lycan’s parasitical virus gained an unbreakable foothold.

Our handler, Averus, had broken us up into two groups with one goal in mind: To kill the Alpha. “Frostbite, Soul Reaper, Darkclaw, Thorn you got eastside,” he said. “Pulse, Spitfire, Hellbeast take westside. Remember, this city is counting on you.” Even if they don‘t know it we thought to ourselves. So the hunt began.

We had entered the back alleys of the red light district when it happened. The pack had been cunning, ambushed us from up high. No wonder Hellbeast hadn’t caught their scent in time.

Before I knew it, my head had exploded in pain. I slipped into the darkness of unconsciousness, only to awaken to this sight. Spitfire on the ground, half transformed into her red draic fae form and the powerful Hellbeast, in major rampage mode but badly outnumbered.

I willed the juice to flow, to pulse within my veins as I got to my feet. I felt the flickers of consciousness awakening within Spitfire, felt her rage as she finished her transformation as my mind began to give shape to the energy within me.

I am Pulse, leader of my team of Seraph Hunters and I’ll be damned if we’ll lose this fight to pack of mangy werewolves. Pain filled sounds of howling filled the night as the moon hid behind a shroud of clouds.

The Feast – A micro fiction piece (aka a very short story).

I’ve started a new category on my blog titled: – Micro Fiction. In honor of the new category I wrote a new piece called The Feast. I hope you enjoy it.

The Feast
Written by Ben Marroquin

He lived in a stone mansion. His room on the third floor of the right wing. At night, before bed, he liked to go out on the balcony and look into the old forest. Under the gaze of the new moon it looked blue, magical.

The wind swept up to him from that forest carrying the hint of music and more.

Eyes lit up as a strange intoxicating scent entered him. Hair and skin changed to feathers, mouth to beak, and feet to talons. He spread his powerful wings and gazed in marvel, magical.

He pumped them up and down and hovered over the balcony. His eyes caught sight of other winged shapes, dancing in mid-air, on the edge of the old forest.

Eyes looked on as he laughed the mad joyous laugh of those in a world all their own. He shot out over the balcony towards the old forest. A loud crisp CRACK pierced the beauty of the night as head met concrete, magical (they grinned).

The winged shapes took form as they flocked forth from the edge of the old forest. Their eyes like beads, skin of moss covered bark, evergreen wings, and pot bellied tummies.

Knife-like claws sprouting from branching arms, filled the night wind with rhythmic clacking. Thin limbed legs with root like feet, dangled as they laughed.

They began to sing:

“Ooh it’s so deliciously sweet.
A pot bellied treat!
We’ll eat it up, eat it up.
From its head to its feet.”

They danced circles round the corpse sprawled on the ground and chattered excitedly through rows of splintered teeth. Slowly they descended; bodies trembling and claws clacking in glee as the eldest among them sang out “Let the new moon feast begin.”