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Red Button Eyes

The following is a short story based on a recurring childhood dream I had back when I was much, much younger. It isn’t finished yet, in fact it’s in the rough draft/idea stage, but I think it’s off to a pretty good start. Hope you enjoy what I’ve done so far…

Short Story
Red Button Eyes
Written by: Ben Marroquin

The radio warned people to stay inside but did his sisters care? No. Not one little bit.

They had cravings… chocolate cravings and that was all that mattered. So they convinced their little brother to ride his bike a measly 4 and a half blocks down the street to buy them their chocolate. Heck, they even gave him enough money to buy one snack sized bar of chocolate for himself.

Besides, they told him, there was still plenty of time, at least twenty minutes, til it got dark and the “strange” storm (at least that’s what the radio called it) would hit their sleepy little town.

But big surprise, his sisters were wrong.

By the time he exited the candy shop, the night was darkened by dusk and oddly colored and shaped storm clouds. He nervously jumped on his bike and started off down the block when it happened:

A huge blast of blueish white lightning struck the ground right in front of him. It momentarily blinded him and the shock of the blast confused him to the point that he forgot about stopping. He felt strange tingly sensations, up and down his body, as he crossed the spot on the road where the lightning hit. With blurry vision he looked back and saw strange globes of light dancing in the air where the lightning hit.

Thinking that it was some trick of the eye due to the blinding flash, he continued on to his house not really paying attention to differences around him. When he got home, he rushed inside to tell everyone what had just happened, but the living room was empty, except for some strange child sized black buttoned eyed dolls sitting in front of the television.

He hurried into the kitchen but it was empty as well. So he rushed down the hallways and stuck his head into his empty sister’s and parent’s rooms. He walked back into the living room exasperated and asked out loud to nobody in particular; “Where is everyone at?”

“What do you mean? We’re right here and mom and dad are still at work.” Replied a strange pair voices that sounded a lot like his sisters. He looked around but didn’t see them… all he saw were the two dolls, that dressed and looked kind of like his sisters in front of the tv.

A commercial then appeared on the tv and the dolls then turned their heads as they spoke “Took you long enough to get bac… hey, what happened to you? You look strange. What did you do to your hair, your skin… where’s your red button eyes?”

Overcome with shock and fear he stammered “Who…aaarrreee….youu?”

“It’s us… Your sisters Bree and Rayne,” they said looking at each other and then back at him. “We can’t have you looking like that… Mom and dad will blame us for sending you out into the strange storm for some chocolates. That won’t do at all…”

“Well then Bree…” Rayne said looking at her sister, “we’ll just have to fix him.”

“Wait right there” they said and off they went into their rooms. Minutes later they both came back out with their arms filled to the top with cloths, threads, yarn, scissors, needles, and such and two large red buttons. They set their piles down on the living room coffee table…”Right then, where should we start Rayne?” Bree asked her sister.

“Hmmm… let’s see… I got it… the eyes.” Rayne said as her face brightened up with the thought. “Let’s just pop out those two watery eyes he has now with our scissors and needle in these big… bright… red… buttons!”

Bree approach him with her scissors while Rayne approached him with two big red buttons and a long pointy sewing needle with thread… “We promise this… won’t… hurt… … … much.” They finished with a giggle.

The boy realized it was time to leave or else… (to be continued Oct 1st, 2006)