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Special Announcement for Serious Fiction Writers – 100 Voices in the Night

100 Voices in the Night

20 writers. 1 anthology. 100 Voices in the Night. This is the idea I presented to Jim Stitzel of Flashes of Speculation a couple of weeks ago. A project inspired by a Flash Fiction contest that I entered in August of 2006. If you’re an author and are interested in working with a group of 20 like minded storytellers with a goal of getting published, then I urge you to read about our project at:

100 Voices in the Night Project


StoryMask News Bite: Clarity of Night Lonely Moon Contest

The Clarity of Night Lonely Moon Contest is over and the votes have been counted. I just want to say Congratulations and thanks to everyone for providing such wonderful stories for us (the flash fiction reading public) to enjoy.

This contest opened my eyes to the world of flash fiction and sparked my imagination. It was the first writing contest I ever entered and I’m glad I did. I got to meet a lot of writers and enjoyed listening to their writing voices. I highly recommend joining the next contest to anyone out there who enjoys writing.

So, if you haven’t visited Clarity of Night, be sure to do so soon.

Error with Theme fixed at

I setup my new theme last night, gave it a test drive, and everything was working as it should be. So I was quite surprised to see my site not working properly this morning. Turns out that everything was working fine because I was logged into the system, but as an ‘un-logged’ visitor it wasn’t.

Every time I clicked on one of my stories it would be displayed as a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ with no background image, sidebar moved to the bottom… everything just went ‘wonky.’

This morning I discovered the reason, turns out the box I checked in the options menu that required visitors to be logged in to leave a comment was causing a conflict with the theme I chose. So the remedy was simple, I unchecked the box and now my site (and theme) is working correctly 🙂 Glad I caught that early and I’m happy with the theme I chose. Goes Live Goes Live!

Just wanted to post a quick news bite to let our readers know that is now live. I spent the weekend learning my way around the features my new web host offers and I’m proud to say that my wordpress blog is now working!

In CELEBRATION, I wrote up a new piece of Flash Fiction (crossing the horror genre with the superheroes genre) called “To Hunt the Hunters.”

Not bad for someone who is still new to the world of blogs and uploading software and themes. Also, our forums are near completion and should be up by the end of the new week. So please stop by and add us to your blogroll if you like what you see. 🙂

Short Story – Night Falls is Officially Entry #23 in the Clarity of Night writing contest.

Short Story – Night Falls is Officially Entry #23 in the Clarity of Night writing contest.
Written by Ben Marroquin

It’s official! My short story (Night Falls) is entry #23 in Clarity of Night’s short story writing contest… and the competition in stiff. Please take a moment of your time and read Night Falls at:

If you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it, then please let be known by writing a simple comment. It would be much appreciated. Well, I’m off to look for another picture to inspire my next short story. I wish you well in your endeavors.

Story Mask


My name is Ben Marroquin and the purpose of this blog is to have a place in which I can write down stories that are swimming around in my head. There will be story ideas, character and setting outlines, rough drafts, revisions/edits, and so forth. In the end I hope to take one of my stories, have an artist friend draw pictures, and have it published for friends and family. Anyways, hope you enjoy the ride I’m embarking on.